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The Mascot Folderâ„¢


Mascot Folder for Schools Stock Mascots Stock Back Covers Stock Flaps
Bullet Uses: Ideal for K-8, high school, districts and clubs. Used for homework communications, rewards, school information, guidance information and much more.
Bullet Front Cover Artwork: The Mascot Folderâ„¢ is printed with your school emblem, mascot, school photo, or whatever you wish. We keep it simple; just submit a drawing, sketch, or preferably a computer file to show what you want. You can mail it, fax it, e-mail it, or upload it on our website.
Bullet Flaps: Printed at no extra charge. You may pick from our stock items for the flaps. You may also design your own flaps with information that will make your folders more useful to your needs at no extra charge.
Bullet Back Cover: Choose one of our stock back covers or design your own back cover at no additional charge.
Bullet Preparation (includes artwork and moderate typesetting): The preparation of final artwork from furnished sketch, computer file, or a similar copy is done at NO additional charge. A proof will be sent for approval.
Bullet Delivery: "Off-season" orders (September through May) are shipped within three weeks of order receipt. Summer orders may require as much as six weeks because this is our heaviest production time. We encourage early ordering, with delivery on the date you specify (mark "not before/not after" after the "desired delivery date" on your order form). Please note: Summer order delivery date must be at a time that the school office staff has returned on a full time basis.
Bullet Shipping Cost: See the Quote page for zip-code specific shipping estimate..
Bullet Pricing: Get an online Quote or see the Price List page.