Artwork Requirements

{If you have questions please call us}

Front Cover Artwork:
Art may be furnished on a disk or by e-mail as an EPS, PDF or a high resolution JPEG file. If art is one color we will accept in a word doc.
A clean print out may also be mailed to us.
Large files can be uploaded to our FTP site.
If you are using kids art please provide a black & white along with the colored version.

Art may also be provided in the following design programs:
Quark Xpress, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or your files saved as a PDF and must not be separated.
We DO NOT accept Publisher files.

We accept text by e-mail in a word doc. You may also supply the text on a CD or Disk.  Languages other than English or Spanish must be provided print ready as a pdf file.
We DO NOT translate English into Spanish.

Artwork created in Microsoft Word is done in RGB colors. When printing we must convert to CMYK colors. When converting this may change the colors in your RGB file [Blues can print Purple…]

If you have created art in RGB files TELL US!
You will need to provide us a print out of how the colors should look. If a print out is not provided we cannot tell if colors have changed and will print from the CMYK files at standard printing density.